How Often To Pave Your Parking Lot
| by ima vex | Sep 24, 2021 | Parking Lot |

You just finished working with a professional to pave your parking lot. It looks new and durable, but how long will it last before you need to repair and pave your parking lot? There are different factors to take into consideration. How well you maintain your parking lot and the conditions it’s exposed to will determine how often you need to repave your lot. In general, if you start to notice a lot of damage on your lot, it may be time to pave it again.

To help you better understand if you’re in need of a commercial parking lot repair, we recommend looking out for these four signs below. 

1. Potholes

Potholes have the potential to create severe damage to your lot. Water can enter and cause them to expand, which weakens your pavement. You don’t necessarily need to repave your parking lot every time you spot a pothole, but if it’s large and deep enough, it’s better to remove and repave the entire area. This will prevent it from becoming a hazard to passing vehicles and pedestrians.

2. Alligator Cracking

While there are many types of cracks, alligator cracking is the most common type of pavement damage. Named after its similar appearance to reptile scales, this type of cracking develops when there is a weakened base or surface and it can lead to serious damage if a repair is not performed in a timely manner. Unlike other cracks, alligator cracking can cause extensive damage, sometimes requiring full removal of the pavement. 

3. Sunken Surface 

If you see indentations on the surface of your parking lot, it’s a sign your asphalt has weakened. When heavy objects such as large trucks or vehicles consistently sit on your pavement over time, the surface can start to sink. The longer these objects sit on the surface, the more damage they’ll cause.

4. Age 

Typically, your newly paved parking lot could last between 15 to 20 years. Once your pavement goes beyond this life span, you may start to see signs of erosion. If you live in an area with harsh winters or heavy rainfall, your parking lot might need to be evaluated more regularly.  Even if there aren’t visible signs of damage by this point, the foundation of your pavement might be weak so it’s best to contact a parking lot repair company to take a look at your pavement. 


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