How to Care for Your Commerical Parking Lot

How to Care for Your Commerical Parking Lot

How are you taking care of your commercial parking lot? Caring for your parking lot is an important task for many reasons.  Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of four ways you can maintain your commercial parking lot in Indianapolis!

  1. Perform Regular Cleanup

One should not underestimate the first impression that a clean, well-kept parking lot makes on potential customers.  Sweeping up dirt and debris from your parking lot can be a reflection of the quality standards set by your business.  It provides a welcoming and professional curb appeal.   Additionally, it helps to reveal areas where repairs are needed.  Be sure to check any catch basins and clear any debris.  Leaves, small rocks, broken glass and litter can end up in your drainage system during a storm which can lead to flooding of your commercial parking lot.

  1. Repair Damaged Asphalt & Concrete

Schedule inspections on a regular basis to check your parking lot and sidewalks for any cracks or potholes.  If you do find repairs that need to be made, address them as soon as possible.  The longer you wait to get the repairs done, the worse the damage becomes, so it’s crucial to fix them immediately.

  1. Protect Your Asphalt

Sealcoating your asphalt parking lot is the first line of defense against damage caused by the environment and oil stains.  It also makes your parking lot look great with a crisp black lot and bright new paint stripes – again, making a great first impression on your customers!  Even a sealcoated lot should have oil stains removed as soon as possible.  Leaving oil on the lot can soak in and make it much harder to clean and may require removal and replacement. Soak up oil stains with kitty litter or laundry detergent.  Sprinkle on the oil stain, leave on overnight and sweep up the next day.  Additionally, cleaning with a mixture of baking soda and some cola (yes, the soft drink) should do the trick.

  1. Overlay Your Parking Lot

If you find that your parking lot has been neglected for too long, it may be time to remove and replace or overlay your parking lot with a new layer of asphalt and start with a clean slate.  To start the process, call a professional contractor, such as our team at HASCO, to assess the damages.  We can determine if there are any full depth repairs, drainage problems or grade corrections that need to be made prior to an asphalt overlay.

At HASCO, we use a variety of high-quality products and methods to provide the best maintenance for your commercial parking lot in Indianapolis.  Get started with us today by calling us at 317-769-PAVE or contact us through our form here.


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