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Asphalt and Concrete Sealcoating Services

Protect your pavement from the elements

Water, oil, gasoline, ultraviolet rays, and inclement weather can cause your asphalt surface to deteriorate. Keep your parking lot protected with parking lot sealcoating and crack sealing. HASCO, Inc., located in Lebanon, IN, has been sealcoating, crack sealing, and striping for more than 20 years throughout Central Indiana. Our professional crew will preserve and extend the service life of your asphalt investment. 

Stop Cracks in Their Tracks

Turn to us for asphalt crack sealing services

Constant wear and tear from traffic, harsh weather, snow, and heat can cause your asphalt to crack. Cracks may not seem like a big deal at first, but eventually your investment will crumble away leading you to spend more on pot hole repair. The most cost-effective preventative maintenance strategy for your asphalt parking lot or roadway is sealing cracks promptly. Crack sealing prevents water from penetrating your asphalt and wearing away the sub-base, causing extensive damage. 

Draw the line at unsafe parking lots

Whether you’re building a new parking lot or repaving an existing one, you’ll need striping services. Having clear, well-marked lines in your parking lot can:

  • Make your business look professional
  • Keep customers and employees safe
  • Maximize the available space in your lot
  • Prevent door dings and accidents 
  • Boost your curb appeal

We also paint tennis courts and other sports courts! Call 317-769-7283 now to see how new stripes could benefit your business. 

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