How to Improve the Exterior of Your Business

How to Improve the Exterior of Your Business

Have you considered the importance of your business exterior? Every time a customer visits your business, the first thing they see is the exterior of your building. It’s a direct reflection of your company, and it’s one of the things they use to draw conclusions about your brand before they decide to commit to your business. An attractive exterior can be crucial in creating a welcoming environment and attracting new customers.

We’re experts when it comes to parking lot maintenance in Indianapolis, and these are some of our tips to improve the exterior of your business.

1.  Repair Potholes

Potholes alone can create a bad look for your business. When there are visible potholes in your parking lot, these can cause safety issues for your visitors. It’s best to fix them as soon as possible because they’ll become wider over time if you continue to delay the repair process. Immediate repairs will also help you with cost savings in the long run because the damage will be less extensive.

2.  Sealcoat Your Pavement

Sealcoating is important because it helps extend the lifetime of your pavement and it makes your lot look more appealing to customers. Sealcoat is effective in protecting your pavement from harsh elements such as water penetration, chemical spills, UV rays, as well as water and ice by melting them faster. In addition, the dark finish created by this application process gives your lot a brand new appearance.

3.  Invest in Landscaping

Without some landscaping, your business can look dull and off-putting. Consider adding bushes, flowers, or other decorative plant pieces to create a welcoming impression on customers. Remember to regularly care for your plants as well because unmaintained landscaping can impact how customers view your business.

4.  Paint your Building

Make it a priority to perform regular paint jobs to make your business look new and well maintained. This provides additional protection for your business exterior, which will help you save on maintenance costs. You may also want to consider using this as an opportunity to update the exterior of your building by choosing new paint colors that make your business stand out.

5.  Clean Your Pavement

Keep your pavement clean by removing trash and ensuring it’s litter-free. Excess debris can block the drainage system and will help you avoid a personal lawsuit if a customer is hurt while navigating the debris in your lot.

As you might’ve already guessed by now, there are a wide variety of factors that go into the exterior of your business, including your pavement. If you’re looking to learn more about parking lot maintenance in Indianapolis, contact us here, and one of our experts will be in touch shortly.


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