The winter season in Indianapolis is not easy, especially for your parking lot. The cold temperatures, ice, and snow that accompany the winter season have a significant impact on the lifespan of your asphalt. It is crucial to make repairs to your asphalt before winter hits in order to avoid serious issues come spring! Read below to find out why you should repair asphalt before winter hits.

Better Visibility Of Your Property 

With the cold weather also comes unpredictable weather. When there is snow covering the surface of your parking lot, it is harder to see the damage. In order to prevent costly surprises in the spring, walk through your property before the first snow of the season. Take notes of the areas that might need repairs.

Invest In Preventative Maintenance 

It is better to be proactive about problems and perform asphalt repair before the temperature drops too low. Taking preventative measures before winter is important to maintaining the lifespan of your parking lot. Parking lot maintenance tends to focus on clearing snow from the asphalt during the winter. If your asphalt is smooth, there will be no problem removing snow from the surface as tools are able to easily glide over the top layer of the asphalt. However, if there are cracks and potholes that are left unrepaired, shovels and snow plows may create larger cracks and potholes. This can break off chunks of asphalt from the pavement. Water will be able to leak into the foundation of the asphalt more easily resulting in damages that are much more severe and costly than they were before. If you want to save money on larger repairs in the future, it is important to repair the asphalt on your parking lot before the winter season begins. Not treating cracks or potholes before the winter season can be detrimental to the foundation of your asphalt. This can produce larger expenses later on.

Avoid Safety Hazards 

In the winter months, potholes and cracks begin to fill with water and freeze over. This is not only harmful to the foundation of your asphalt, but it is also hazardous to the people driving and walking in your parking lot. These frozen spots are often hidden and come as a surprise to people who come in contact with them. These hidden spots can cause many accidents for both cars and pedestrians. The last thing you want is to harm your customers or put them at risk! In order to protect your parking lot, and the people that use it, it is crucial to repair your asphalt in Indianapolis before winter arrives.

Wear and tear come with the Winter season but preventative measures will increase the lifespan of your parking lot. Contact the experts at HASCO here to improve your lot before the long winter months hit Indianapolis.