Why Your Parking Lot Needs a Spring Tune-up
by ima vex | May 28, 2021 | Parking Lot 

With the spring season nearly in sight, it’s important to consider the major toll winter weather can have on your parking lot. Between cold temperatures, the harsh onset of snow, and the freezing ice, your lot can easily become damaged with the risk of more cracks, faded paint lines, and the fading of your lot color from black to grey. Given all the threats associated with the winter weather, spring is naturally the best time to tune-up your lot.  

Here are some reasons why you should consider spring maintenance for your parking lot in Indianapolis. 

1.  Loose Asphalt 

The asphalt surface of your lot is prone to breaking down against the winter weather, and it can cause larger asphalt stones to become dislodged. This process is only accelerated by the winter months, and once this occurs, your parking lot will begin to appear rough over time. It’s important to take note of loose asphalt as warmer weather approaches. 

2.  Worsened Cracking 

Worsened cracking usually occurs in the winter months because of the continuous freezing and thawing process that takes place. Water can seep into the existing cracks on your lot and freeze, which causes the cracks to expand wider when more pressure is exerted on the pavement. After the ice thaws, the water will flow through the cracks and further weaken the base of your lot. 

3.  Snowplow and Chemical Damage 

In general, snowplows shouldn’t cause too much damage to your lot unless you set the blade too low. In this case, the snowplows can produce damage by creating an opening for water to enter. In addition, the chemicals and deicers used to remove snow and ice also harm the pavement by deteriorating the surface, and this is worse if there is existing damage as well. 

If you’re thinking of performing a spring tune-up for your parking lot in Indianapolis, we would love to help you! To receive an estimate and go over your project needs, fill out this form and a team member will be in touch shortly.